With over four decades of experience and a legacy of excellence, we are industry leaders in delivering cutting-edge ERP solutions.

From pioneering implementations of Microsoft Great Plains to our ongoing partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft and NetSuite, our commitment to innovation and expertise is unwavering.

What sets us apart? Our dedication and expertise. Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve empowered countless businesses to thrive in the digital era, providing seamless integration, unparalleled efficiency, and tailored solutions to meet unique organizational needs.


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As one of the very first resellers to partner with Microsoft Great Plains, now Microsoft Dynamics GP, over 40 years ago, our expertise is backed by decades of experience, awards, and meaningful and trusted long-term relationships. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our track record of delivering practical solutions and outstanding service.

At Complete Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of your business, extending beyond financials to encompass the intricacies of your day-to-day operations. We customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of any industry, including healthcare, distribution, professional services, finance, or nonprofit and education.


Our consultants bring extensive real-world experience and certifications to every project, ensuring top-notch expertise. With a focus on client-centricity, we prioritize your needs, fostering trust and reliability in our long-term relationships.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to maintaining full control over your project. Unlike many others, we never outsource any aspect of our work, ensuring continuity and accountability. This means the experts you start with are the ones you’ll continue to work with throughout the entire process. Our goal is to deliver the highest value possible, ensuring every client maximizes their technology investment with our dedicated team.

Steve Weisz goes beyond viewing technology investments as mere software solutions for businesses; he understands the significance of delving into a customer’s daily operations to gain a complete understanding of how to help them find the most success.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Steve actively engages with clients throughout the implementation process and maintains ongoing support long after they are operational. Over four decades ago, Steve founded Complete Business Solutions with a vision to provide customers with the dual advantage of his hands-on business experience and technological expertise. With an Accounting degree from the University of San Diego, specializing in Management Information Systems (MIS), and having worked in a Big 5 Accounting firm, his credentials are a testament to his industry acumen.

As a tech-savvy industry expert, Steve acknowledges the importance of staying current on technology trends while understanding day-to-day business operations. Currently holding Microsoft ERP and CRM certifications, he consistently attends technology trainings and industry conferences to stay at the forefront of advancements. Beyond his professional pursuits, Steve is recognized for his ability to bring out the best in people, due to his amazing sense of humor and upbeat attitude. In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor activities, biking, appreciating good movies, and spending quality time with his family.

Blanche Sabga brings a wealth of customer relationship experience to Complete Business Solutions and consequently, wears many hats within the organization. She currently manages daily operations where she is also responsible for pre-sales qualifications, customer relations, and marketing activities. As she so fondly says “the buck stops with her”.

Early in her career, Blanche worked for a wide range of companies as the personal assistant to the Chairman. This position proved to be invaluable to her career as it is where she learned every aspect of their business in the food and clothing manufacturing and distribution industries. This taught her the importance of ensuring every detail is solidified for operations to run smoothly, giving her an in-depth understanding of how businesses survive and thrive.

In 1991 Blanche joined the team at Complete Business Solutions where her industry expertise and knowledge has been a huge asset to the growth and expansion of the company. She enjoys a close working relationship with customers and vendors, ensuring that no details are ever overlooked.

Blanche grew up on the beautiful island of Trinidad which is where she developed a love of the ocean. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, reading a good book, and hitting the beach with her family.

Proven Methodology

Count on our expertise for seamless transitions when implementing new solutions. We strictly adhere to the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology, ensuring meticulous planning and execution for efficient installations. 

Leveraging our innovative approach and comprehensive toolkit, we guarantee swift and accurate project completion, delivering immediate value. Our ability to execute projects on time, within budget, and with minimized risks sets us apart, accelerating project timelines while ensuring precision and efficiency for significant benefits.

Full-Service Approach to Implementing ERP and CRM Solutions

With over 40 years of experience, we specialize in providing software solutions that enhance financial insights, streamline operations, and manage customer relationships. Our expert in-house consultants prioritize cultivating enduring, personal relationships with clients, extending far beyond the initial consultation. 

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